LMSC offers high level goalkeeper training during the spring and fall seasons. This training is open to all LMSC travel team goalkeepers at no charge. Our goalkeeper training focuses on several different components:
      Technical:Teaching goalkeepers the proper techniques of the position not only helps goalkeepers to play better but also minimizes the chance of injury.

      Tactical:Goalkeepers will learn to make the proper decisions during a game including positioning, when to come off the line to make a save, whether to catch or deflect a ball, etc.

      Physical:Training will help improve each goalkeeper's fitness in terms of goalkeeper needs, helping them to jump higher, improve their lateral movement, move their feet faster and with more agility, etc.

      Psychological:A large part of being a successful goalkeeper is dealing with the mental demands of the position: Being able to maintain focus throughout the game, not losing composure after allowing a goal, being able to organize the defenders, playing with confidence, etc.

      LMSC Travel Team goalkeepers who would like to get more information about the goalkeeper training offered by LMSC should contact LMSC President Biff Sturla and request to get on the LMSC goalkeeper e-mail list. LMSC regularly sends out information to our travel team goalkeepers about training opportunities during the season.

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