This was really difficult since I came up with a huge list of talented players. So, this Top 10 list has a LOT more players than 10. I'm sure there are a lot of people that I forgot so I will probably add to this list over time. If you feel that I have left off someone from this list, please feel free to send me an e-mail.

    This list is sorted by the year of birth of the team they played for.

      Tim Wright - Lansdowne 74s
      Yohan Edwards - Nether Providence 74s
      Kevin Silva - West Chester 74s

      Will Kohler - Penn Valley 75s
      Nick Chrisanthon - Nether Providence 75s
      Eric Cline - Nether Providence 75s
      Jason Teti - Greater Chester Valley 75s
      Jordan Potsic - Greater Chester Valley 75s
      Erik Holt - Greater Chester Valley 75s

      Tim Sahadayk - Bethlehem 76s
      The Entire Lionville 1976 Birth Boys Team (all 6 feet tall at the age of 12)

      Rod Cojoe and Sunil - Springfield, VA 77s
      Gehran King - Potomac 77s
      Jon Rutland, Greater Chester Valley 77s
      Ciaran Barrett - Greater Chester Valley 77s
      Bryan Givens - Greater Chester Valley 77s
      Gus Zangrilli - Northampton 77s
      Matt Napolean - Hulmeville 77s
      Murphy Williams - Warrington 77s
      Chrissy Pickersgill - Valley Lazers 77s

      Bobby Convey - Philadelphia Soccer Club 1982s
      Kirk Johnson - Downingtown 1982s

      Ben Miller - Spirit United 1990s
      Joe Joe Jappah - Spirit United 1990s
      Andrew Wenger, PA Classics 1990s
      Dan Parr - Lower Dauphin 1990s
      Israel Sesay, Potomac, Maryland, 1990s
      Sam The Overage Player From Potomac, Maryland 1990s

      Richie Robinson - Dix Hills Thunder 94s
      Myles Bent - Dix Hills Thunder 94s
      Dylan Greenberg - Dix Hills Thunder 94s
      Alec Neumann - Yardley Makefield 94s
      Matt Robinson - Montgomery United 94s
      Zach and Jared Pfeffer - Montgomery United 94s
      Connor Maloney - Lower Dauphin 94s
      Joey Julius - Lower Dauphin 94s

      Fofi - USTA 99s (but hes really four years older than he claims to be)

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